Here are some comments from people who visited this place.

Piero Angela (journalist and writer) - I really liked the Strategikon section ! It's simply perfect. Compliments and keep me informed if you update the website.
Pelè (ex football player) - In my long career I've seen wild things, but this place beats them all. I think modern football owes much to Gennerworld.
Quentin Tarantino (actor and director) - I would never had the inspiration for Pulp Fiction if I would have not visited this web site
William Shakespeare (writer) - In my original work, I dedicated Romeo and Giulietta to Gennerworld, but the printer lost the first page in which it was written.
Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft) - This web site is fantastic. I visited it fifteen times and never crashed !
Bruno Vespa (journalist) - Before to choose the topic and the guests for my next program, I always visit Gennerworld.
Lino Banfi (actor) - My career was over, then, after I visited Gennerworld, I became famous again....I'll suggest it to all my friends
Diego Maradona (ex football player) - When I have a moment for myself, I visit Gennerworld. It is like to be on the field again !
Claudia Shiffer (top model) - I learned how to be beatiful inside, thanks to Gennerworld.
Leonardo da Vinci (artist and inventor) - I wish I had invented Gennerworld myself
Lilly Gruber (journalist) - This web site is a truly and reliable source of information in the confused world of information.
George Clooney (actor) - Gennerworld was the topic of all the discussions and gossips on the set of E.R.
Gorbacev (ex president) - Althought I never admitted it before, I must confess that I got the idea of glasnost after I saw this web site
Dante Alighieri (poet) - When I made the first draft of the Divina Commedia I wasn't convinced I wanted to continue. Then I visited this web site and suddenly all the ideas to complete it popped in my mind.
Don Katwethocvich (penis snatcher) - Being a penis snatcher is not easy, but I get the force to be it from this website.
David Letterman (showman) - I wonder why the author of Gennerworld refused to partecipate to my show...It would have been the apotheosis of my career.
Vincent Van Gogh (painter) - Let me tell you something..Gennerworld is a masterpiece.
Bruce Willys (actor) - You are out if you do not know this website.
Mike Bongiorno (showman) - I owe my career to Gennerworld. Without it, I would probably have worked in the car wash business.

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