We are sorry, we have detected that you may not fully eligible to purchase one of the gennerObjetcs.

That may depends from your habits, from your social or psychical background, or simply by chanche.

To proceed with your order please answer to the questionary below and submit it.

Please wait few days for the processing, and if you'll meet the requirements your order will be shipped as fast as a bergy (don't know what that means, but sounds as something fast)

1) Have you ever heard little voices in your head commanding you to stand in front of a public toilet warning the people who enter that there could be evil spirits behind that door ?
yes very often
yes sometimes
only after a good dinner
no, but I will try it

2) When did you have you last bath ?
two hours ago
one day ago
one week ago
bath? funny name, wonder what it is

3) Have you ever the need for staring people and circling with your finger the ones you dislike the most ?
yes, how do you know ?
good idea, thanks
only in summer

4) What would you wear for your partner birthday party ?
a cake suit
the usual, my frog costume
hey... I just remembered it was yesterday... I forgot it... oh my...
a lawyer suit

5) Do you often pretend not to hear something when you don't want to listen it ?
sorry what did you say ?
sorry what did you say ?
sorry what did you say ?
sorry what did you say ?

Thanks for answering, please click the button submit when you are done